Jewelry Care Tips

Silver tarnish is very common to happen , and will eventually happen over the years .

Reasons of quick tarnish: 
  1. Silver exposure to direct sunlight , air , humidity and air pollution without being worn for a long time .
  2. Hair spray and perfumes .
  3. Moisture .
NB:  Water does NOT affect the silver.
 Tips to avoid Tarnish and Solutions: 
  1. Store silver pieces in airtight bag or the box it came in .
  2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or light without being worn .
  3. Let dry perfumes and lotions applied on your skin before wearing the jewelry .
  4. For the products that are plated in platinum and gold, please avoid exposure to perfumes, and water .
  5. To keep your silver pieces shiny gently rub it with silver velvet cloth, it will help the piece to shine again however it will not remove scratches .

-For the sterling silver pieces you can re-shine it using calcium carbonate powder .

  1. Wash the silver piece with warm water .
  2. Apply the calcium carbonate powder on any old toothbrush and rub the silver piece . 
  3. Wash the silver piece again with warm water .
  4. Let it dry on velvet cloth .
  5. Store the silver piece after being dried completely .
NB: This re shining way is NOT applied on the silver pieces that are plated  .

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